The Summer of 2022

Suzannes Servering

So happy to fill this summer with a lot of theatre and music. In June we play the local story, Suzannes servering, a story for the hole family. I play the evil character Britta Barsk who wants to tear down Suzanne’s cafe to build a highway road on the land. But, there are secrets hidden underneath the café. A crazy story with exaggerated characters invites you to laugh and smile. Plays 18-23 June 2022 at Ekbacken Åkersberga. Together with Linda Rapp, Johannes Lönnå and Fredrik Lexfors

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Livat på Hagbykullen

 A comedy taking place at Hagbykullen in Åkersberga, a Cooperation with Österåkers Golfklubb. A full experimentera will take place as you arrive at the scene. I Will play the wise owl on the roof, telling the story as well as interacting with the children and characters of the play. A lovely story for the whole family. Plays 3-6 August 2022 at Hagbykullen in Åkersberga. Together with Jakob Stadell, Linda Rapp, Ida Wallin, Johannes Lönnå and Peller Arhio

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